Friday, October 17, 2014

ARC REVIEW - Filthy for the Night (For the Night #3) by CJ Fallowfield

Title: Filthy for the Night (For the Night #3)
Author: CJ Fallowfield
Expected Release Date: 12 December 2014
Series or Standalone: Series
Genre: Adult Erotica

My name is Logan Steele. I’m devilishly handsome, seriously ripped, well hung, charismatic and highly sexed. Women just can’t resist me. So when I lost my job in the construction industry and was struggling for cash, I decided to put my assets to good use.

By day I’m a private personal fitness trainer. By night I’m a high class gigolo.

Tell me your fantasy, I’ll fulfil it ~ So, who do you want me to be?”


My next client is Yasmin Taylor, a footballer’s wife who was bored of the constant lonely nights while he was on tour. She’s a regular of mine, booking me at least one a quarter. Due to her husband’s high profile in the media, he didn’t dare offer her the sort of kink that really got her off. Enter Logan Steele. I was more than man enough to accept that challenge, but given our last few encounters, when her brief specified that she wanted real filth for the night, I had to wrack my brains to come up with something new, something to raise the bar even higher. Something that hopefully wouldn’t land either of us in a jail cell for the night, or snapped mid act by a member of the paparazzi.

Footballers, strangers and gangbangs, oh my!

Well, after reading this book, "Filthy" is the right name for it lol. Now, if you've have read the first two books in this series, you know what Logan does for his clients, but I am happy to report that he, in fact, does not take part in the Filthy factor in this installment (thank heavens!).

The female client in this story is like the British version of Camilla (from book 1 "Strangers for the Night"), but on a much grander scale, if that's even possible. And yes, this book has quite a lot of sexual action going on, but surprisingly that seems to be more in the background (like elevator music, you know it's there but you really don't pay attention to it). The main thing about this book is that we get a front row seat to watch as Logan actually begins to mature and really starts thinking about his future and what's important to him. Even his driver James has recognized a change in Logan, ever since he met a certain client. 

I was satisfied with the way this story ended; the client definitely got what she deserved, although Logan was injured in the process, but I am really wanting to know whether or not Logan will get a HEA.
ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

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