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BLOG TOUR REVIEW & GIVEAWAY - Trying Sophie (Dublin Rugby #1) by Rebecca Norinne

Trying Sophie

by Rebecca Norinne 
Dublin Rugby #1 
Publication Date: December 6, 2016 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Rugby, Sports Romance




She doesn't date players...
Sophie loves her life: she's travelled the world and lived by her own rules. But when she finds out about her grandfather's heart attack, she drops everything and boards a plane to Ireland. Two weeks, that's the plan. Until one look at her childhood nemesis has her rethinking everything. She's sworn off athletes, but she might just give him a try...

He's the biggest player of all.
Sex and rugby. Those were the only two things Declan cared about, right up until his first love waltzed back into his life. Even as he slept his way through Dublin, he never stopped thinking about her. Never stopped wondering if she thought about him, too. So even though he's never gone after a woman the way he chases down opponents on the field, this time, he won't let her get away.

On the field, he's invincible, but she just might break him.


So this was a fun book from start to finish. As adults, the chemistry between Sophie and Declan is electric right from the start, which is a complete 180 from when they were younger. I liked that early in the story Sophie told Declan upfront how his treatment of her when they were grade school affected her. Even more so that Declan actually owned his behavior and apologized for the way he acted towards her all those years earlier. It's easy to figure out why Declan behaved that way when they were kids, but it wasn't clear to Sophie until her grandparents helped her see the big picture of his behavior.

They've both got hangups about relationships, and it takes a lot of work on Declan's part to get Sophie to see that they could be a longterm romance, since Declan was living the ultimate professional athlete lifestyle, especially when it to the groupies of the rugby world. The smexy times between them are super hot, but that doesn't become a part of their story until about halfway through the book. There were a few things about the story that annoyed me, most notably Sophie not wanting to take a chance with Declan, with her expiration date on their relationship. Another annoying issue is Sophie's habit of jumping to conclusions without confronting Declan; she decided to believe the one person she was specifically told to ignore, yet still believed that person without talking to Declan.


Rebecca read her first book when she was four years old and has been hooked on the written word ever since. While working in technology PR in Silicon Valley, she began writing her debut novel and eventually published it six years later. At the end of 2014, she left behind her career in corporate communications to become a full time author. When she's not writing, you can find Rebecca exploring her new city of Dublin, Ireland, watching Leinster Rugby matches, or traveling the globe searching for inspiration for her next book.



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