Tuesday, May 14, 2019

DOUBLE RELEASE BLITZ - More & Wild (Quick & Dirty Neighbors Series) by Kate Roth

Quick and Dirty Neighbors Novella Series by Kate Roth
Title: More
Series: Quick and Dirty Neighbors Novella #2

She’s an obsessive workaholic. He’s an up and coming tech developer staying in the hotel room beside hers. One night of carefree fun and they both realize they want something more.

I'm loving this series, just enough to provide entertainment with a heaping dose of sexiness! 


I liked More, but I was surprised by how the story wrapped up, because I didn't think Audrey would stick with her current occupation. The one drawback to these stories is that we don't get a lot of background information on the characters; I'd like to know how she got started with her career, and whether or not she's even thought of switching to a different job. She loosely acknowledged her career kept her from relationships, so why continue if it means you'll end up both lonely and alone? 

I'll give it to Max though, he seemed to compartmentalize when she would have to go to work a lot better than anyone I know.
Title: Wild
Series: Quick and Dirty Neighbors Novella #3

She’s housesitting at her aunt and uncle’s mini mansion. He’s the rich, brooding silverfox next door. She tempts him, he intrigues her and they both desperately want something wild.

I really liked this story from start to finish! Nothing like a silver fox to set the mood, and Gavin definitely fits the bill, and he's slightly grumpy but he's also a on-the-down-low sweetheart. Lydia is all light and bubbly and seemingly lives in the moment. There's no denying there's a connection between these two, and I couldn't wait to see how things would play out for them; who would be the one to call a timeout on whatever it is that could potentially be happening between them. I'll admit I was surprised by who threw up the roadblock, and not for the reason I was anticipating.
Published since 2012, Kate Roth is addicted to all things romance. Her passion for love stories, both traditional and unconventional, has led her to write in various sub-genres of romance. Kate is inspired by everything from music to the real-life romance tales she's heard through her years as a professional hair stylist. Kate spends her time away from the keyboard with her insta-love husband, her wild yet wonderful son.


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