Thursday, September 17, 2020

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Sex, Life and Hannah series by S.L. Hannah

Sexy Five Star Fun! What's not to love about the Sex, Life, and Hannah Series by S.L. Hannah?! 
Books 1-3 are available now and you can preorder book 4 too. 

Wicked Winter Breakup: 

Hannah suffers a devastating blow when her longtime boyfriend breaks up with her on New Year’s Eve, but will playing a game of musical beds get her any closer to marriage? 

So this was my first S.L. Hannah book and while I thought some of Hannah's actions were a bit over the top, I still enjoyed the story. I could totally understand Hannah's reactions after her longterm, on-again off-again boyfriend broke up with her (I joined the military after my last big break up lol). I have to say that Hannah seems to get caught up in some weird cycle as she tries to bounce back, and I can't wait to see how things are going to progress for our intrepid heroine.

Racy Spring Rebounds: 

Hannah places all her bets on the one man she’s determined is the perfect replacement for The Ex, until he sweeps the bath mat out from under her and she finds herself in dangerous territory with her new boss.
So with the second book of this series, we do see some character growth in Hannah. Yes, she's still dealing with the effects of her longterm boyfriend breaking up with her, and she's a little callous when it comes to other people's feelings and emotions, but again, I could understand and empathize with her thought processes at that point. Doesn't mean I agree, but I do understand. She's got solid friends giving her some sound advice, unfortunately she doesn't follow said advice, and that's how she ends up in her current situation with this particular book, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.

Boss Summer of Sin: 

Just as Hannah’s getting comfortable mixing business with pleasure, a blast from the past tells her what she’s waited years to hear. 

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With her life blowing up, big time, Hannah struggles to make hard decisions about her career and love life…until she has a much-needed breakthrough.

About S.L. Hannah 

S.L. Hannah was born in Poland, grew up in Canada, and moved to Southern California to pursue her love of single-engine airplanes. S.L. Hannah lives in Los Angeles, CA. When she’s not writing fiction, she continues to solve the aviation problems of the world.

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