Friday, April 30, 2021

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Tempted With You (Matchbox #5) by E.H. Lyon

Title: Tempted With You 
Series: The Matchbox Series #5 
Author: E.H. Lyon 
Genre: Sports/Age-Gap Romance 
Release Date: April 29, 2021 

This former hockey player has never been so tempted…

Nate Kade is many things—former sports star, owner of the successful bar Matchbox—and there’s no shortage of women willing to warm his bed for the night either. Everyone around Nate is settling down, but that just isn’t his style. No, he prefers against-the-door activities with a woman he’s just met. But he should probably pay attention to details. Because that one-night-stand beauty?

Turns out she’s his business partner and friend’s newfound sister—oops.

Melanie is ten years younger, just discovered she has an overprotective brother, and is new to town. Nate makes it clear that their one night will not be getting a repeat, but she isn’t entirely on board with his policy. Not only is Melanie his new next-door neighbor, but she seems to be turning up everywhere—including the ice rink where she also skates. Nate is finding it hard to resist a second round. He’s just beginning to realize that he may finally be tempted to have it all with someone.

Tempted with You is the fifth and final sweet and sexy standalone novel from the “Matchbox” series, where you can revisit your favorite characters throughout.

I'm officially sad that this is the last book of the series, but what a finale! I loved the chemistry between Nate and Melanie, even though he has zero clue as to her identity until a few weeks after having a scorching one night stand. Try as he might to keep his distance, he discovers that's not so easy when she's literally everywhere he goes, especially since they end up being next door neighbors. I liked that even though Melanie is on the younger side, she's got a maturity to her that's not often seen, and she knows what she wants, and in this case it's Nate.

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E.H. Lyon hates folding laundry and decided one day to avoid it by writing witty and a little steamy stories. Her stories take you on a light and bantering ride until the very end, when your couple finds their happily ever after. Along the way, there may be the occasional emotional twist thrown in and the essential appearance of a bottle of whiskey. E.H. has a thing for witty women, determined well-dressed men who fall in love, and the steamy scenes that bring them together.

An American from the Midwest, she now lives in Northern Europe with her small pack of humans. She believes the essence of balance is sitting on a yoga mat listening to music whilst eating a donut. And she absolutely loves finding a new book boyfriend to swoon-over, hearing from other authors, and connecting with people who read her books.


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