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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - The Chase (Dom Diaries Anthology) by Jax Hart

Title: The Chase
Series: Dom Diaries Anthology
Author: Jax Hart
Genre: Contemporary/New Adult/Dark Romance
Release Date: May 27, 2019

Sissy’s Romance Book Reviews - “This may be a dark romance read for some but for me it was a page turner. I hope to read more from this author in the future.”

Cassie’s Book Addict - “Their chemistry is off the charts hot! You have drama and romance rolled into one awesome package in this book.”

Shaun Walsh (Goodreads) - “OMG!! I read this book in one sitting and was still wanting more!”

I was born this way.
Even men cower in my presence; sensing the danger in me.
So why does this slip of a girl invade my thoughts?
Somehow she got past my defenses... and the only way to regain control is to make her bend.
But when things don't bend--they break. 
She wouldn't bend.
I refuse to break.

From AMAZON BESTSELLING AUTHOR, JAX HART comes a tale of cat and mouse. A story of a dangerous man and the lengths he goes to find the one woman who is an enigma to him.
PART of the DOM DIARIES ANTHOLOGY by the League of Extraordinary authors! THIS IS A STANDALONE STORY!

I found this to be an engaging and entertaining read that didn't take me long to get wrapped up in; I was hooked by the end of the first chapter and read the entire book in practically one sitting.

Our main characters are Rafael and Selina; he is the bad boy of Wall Street with a few high-up mafia connections, and she is a dog walker in New York attempting to live her dream of being a professional singer. Theirs is not a meet cute by any stretch of the imagination, although she doesn't realize that by being unimpressed by his financial status, she's clearly on his radar. Of course she wants no part of his womanizing ways and makes no attempt to hide her disdain for him; or so she tells herself.

As for Rafe, yes he's the son of a Wall Street icon, but there is no love lost between father and son, and that's evident by the limited conversations between the two. Rafe comes across as the ultimate playboy mixed with street savvy bad boy, but it's clear from reading his journal entries that there is a lot he is hiding from the world, and upon reading his entries, my heart broke for him. What it all comes down to is Rafe just wants someone to love him for who he really is on the inside, all the broken that makes him who he is, not what he can do for them.

There's no denying there is plenty of chemistry between Rafe and Selina, and I enjoyed the chase between the two of them. What threw me off about the story is where it all sort of flipped when it comes to Selina's friend and roommate Christine and the fallout of that story arc; it seemed to have come out of nowhere and I felt blindsided by the switch in the story progression. That whole arc did leave me with questions:
1. How did Selina not know the truth about Christine?
2. Did Selina ever learn what happened to Christine?
3. Did any of the news about Rafe's associates make the news like his personal life did?

I will admit there were a couple of moments in the story where Rafe acted like a 13 year old boy instead the man he says he is, and I just wanted to shake some sense into him, but at the same time I got why he acted the way he did (there are moments where I act like a 13 year old boy as well lol).

Overall, I enjoyed this story and I'm looking forward to reading Roque's story and hopefully we'll get a story about Johnny at some point.

He towered above me in another flawless suit, looking expensive and totally fuckable. “Are you stalking me? That’s it, right? You are some rich, perverted stalker, who gets his rocks off by torturing women like me?” He patted the dogs on the head, grabbed their collars and unclipped their leashes so I could untangle myself. As I stood, he leaned down and brushed his lips against my ear. “You have no idea, princess… just how I thought about torturing you.” Goosebumps broke out despite the ninety-plus degree day. A tingle ran up and down my spine and settled low in my belly where it spread like wildfire. I was so fucked and he hadn’t even touched me yet.
Jax Hart: Singer, a songwriter, living creatively through art. Dirty Romance author from the great state of Washington. Duke is his first full-length novel. He generally hates most people, plays the bass guitar, and enjoys camping trips with his son. 

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