Tuesday, August 13, 2019

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Inhale, Exhale by C.L. Matthews

Title: Inhale, Exhale
Author: C.L. Matthews
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 13, 2019

"I do."
Two words woven in love. 
In sickness and in health. 
For better or for worse. 
Til death do us part. 
And death dragged us apart. 
We both said these vows. 
But neither of us kept them. 
This is not one of those happy stories. 
Life isn't made of simple choices and happily ever afters. 
It's a dark place. 
It's not easy. 
It's full of mistakes and lessons. 
It hurts. 
And in the end, those two words said in love, are the same ones said in hate. 
"You want a divorce?" 
"I do."

What an introduction to C.L. Matthews! This book hit me with all of the emotional feels. All. The. Feels. I've read plenty of books in the past that have left me feeling some kind of way, but this particular story left me feeling emotionally gutted, yet I still want more. Normally, I can finish a book and jump into writing my review within a few minutes. With Inhale, Exhale, it took me some days to decompress and get my mind right before attempting to write something cohesive and coherent.

C.L. Matthews resides in Utah, the state with the best snow on earth. She is not a fan of the snow but loves her state just the same. She is known for her swag business and creative pieces. C.L. Matthews is a swag maker, reader, and a fairly new author, it isn't an easy task but she wants to succeed in many things. Her hobbies consist of crafting, drinking coffee until she can't consume any more, and reading until she falls asleep with books in her lap. C.L. Matthews is married to her childhood best friend, she got her happily ever after.

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