Thursday, August 13, 2020

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - A Fallen Star (Shattered Cove #1) by A.M. Kusi

Release Date: August 13 

She's the only light in his dark world...

He knew the rules, but he couldn't help himself.
Broken and beaten, Mikel Evans knows his place. And it's not with his best friend's sister. Used to his isolated and dark life, Mikel isn't prepared for the deep desire Remy Stone sparks in him. Her forbidden and untouched body tempts him in ways he can't fathom. After all, he's known her his entire life. Mikel refuses to succumb to this one carnal need.

She'll do anything to have him.
Remy Stone is done being the shy introvert. She has waited her entire life for Mikel to notice her. Now, she's not holding back. She refuses to let him destroy himself and everything he deserves. Mikel may not be able to see past his own dark demons, but she's going to make damn sure she shows him.

Love isn't always enough.
Mikel can't battle his demons alone. As Mikel's past threatens to destroy everything, Remy fights for the one man she's always loved. But this time, she may not be strong enough for both of them. Saving him from himself is harder than she ever realized. Can she make a wish on this FALLEN STAR to give them both a chance at a future—together?

***A Fallen Star is the first novel in the Shattered Cove series, and like all the books in this small town romance series, it can be read as standalone. HEA guaranteed.*** 

This was my first time reading A.M. Kusi and where in the entire world have I been? This story is fantastic! I loved the interactions between Remy and Mikel; he's broken from his past and while he knows it's bad news to get involved with Remy, his heart clearly hasn't gotten that particular message. As for Remy? She's a young woman who knows what she wants and isn't afraid to go after it; in this case it's Mikel. At the start of the book it's clear how opposite they are from each other, and the naïveté she displays actually seems to work with her character. As the story progresses there are some events that happen and we get to see how much Remy matured as a result. A well-written story and I'm looking forward to the next book in the series.

Meet A.M. Kusi 

A.M. Kusi is the pen name of a husband and wife team.

We enjoy writing romance novels that are inspired by our own experiences as an interracial/multicultural couple.

Our novels are about strong women and the sexy heroes they fall in love with, are emotionally satisfying, and always have a happy ending.

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