Friday, August 27, 2021

RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - When It Comes to You by Melissa Toppen

Title: When it Comes to You
Author: Melissa Toppen
Genre: Second Chance Romance (standalone)
Release Date: August 27, 2021

Eight years ago I ran. I ran from my parents. I ran from my pain. I ran from him…
I never wanted to go back. If not for my best friend’s wedding, I likely never would have.
The plan was simple. Get in. Get out. Easy as that.
Only I should have known nothing is ever that simple.
Especially when Westin Carver is involved.
He broke my heart once. Or rather, he completely annihilated it.
And I have no doubt that if given the chance, he’d do it all over again.
But even knowing that, it doesn’t change the way I crave him.
The way my body reacts to him.
The way one touch completely obliterates the wall I built between us.
But when it comes to Westin not everything is as it seems.
They say love is blind. In my case, love is blinding.
Because I should have seen what was coming next…
And I didn’t.

After I read the blurb for this story, I was excited to read it and when I started I had high hopes but unfortunately, those high hopes didn't last long. Scarlett came across like a smart, strong independent young woman, and while I understand the allure and hold that first love has over a person, there's an old phrase "fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me" that Scarlett should have made her life's motto. But what happens when you've been fooled three times, by the same person? 

While the sexy times were hot, I wished we got to see more of the present relationship between Scarlett and Westin outside of the sexy times. I was annoyed that Westin had the nerve to be upset about Scarlett casually dating when he had a much bigger secret he neglected to tell. Actually, he had a few secrets that should have been disclosed but he didn't have the testicular fortitude to reveal. I wished we'd gotten a bit more of seeing Westin apologize for everything he got caught up in before Scarlett made her decision regarding their attempt at a relationship.


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