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RELEASE BLITZ - Fighting for Redemption (The Elite: Book Four) by Nicole Flockton

Title: Fighting for Redemption
Series: The Elite: Book Four
Author: USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicole Flockton
Genre: Adult, Sports Romance
Published: May 23, 2017
From USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicole Flockton, the final book in The Elite Series.

Bad Boy Brett Hunter is on a downward spiral after a poor performance at the Rio Olympic Games. His sponsors are threatening to drop him and trouble seems to find him wherever he goes. He’s comfortable with his bad boy image, it’s what he deserves after what he’s done. The last thing he wants to do is change the public’s perception of him, but his agent tells him, change his image or lose his sponsors.

Cassandra Fielder doesn’t like working with diva athletes – she’s been there, done that and has the divorce decree to go with it. When she finds out her new client is Olympian Brett Hunter, for the first time in her career she wants to tell her boss no, unfortunately, saying no isn’t an option. What she isn’t prepared for is the unexpected attraction flaring between them. She has no plans to play on that particular field again. As she spends time with Brett, she begins to see there is more to him than what he shows the public. But why is he trying so hard to hang on to his bad boy image?

Being with Cassandra has Brett facing old foes and a past he is desperately trying to forget. When the truth comes out, a fledging love is put to the test. Can it survive or has trust been irrevocably shattered?

With this book, we finally get to know Brett; if you've read this series, Brett was publicly linked to Julia Ashland in the first book, and he's been in the public eye for all the wrong reasons lately. Enter Cassandra Fielder, PR extraordinaire and Brett is her newest, and seemingly the most volatile client. They've both got issues in their pasts that they're not willing to share.

Brett has been living with guilt for the last few years, and it's not revealed until midway through the book why he's harboring the guilt. So it makes sense that his recent behavior is subterfuge; if people only concentrate on the present, they won't look into his past and find out what he's been keeping secret.

What neither he nor Cassandra were anticipating was the chemistry between them, even though Cassandra does her best to remind herself that she's NOT attracted to him (yeah right lol), and that she wants nothing to do with another athlete. Only the heart wants who it wants. 

I like how this series wrapped up

USA Today Bestselling Author, Nicole Flockton writes sexy contemporary romances, seducing you one kiss at a time as you turn the pages. Nicole likes nothing better than taking characters and creating unique situations where they fight to find their true love.

On her first school report her teacher noted "Nicole likes to tell her own stories". It wasn’t until after the birth of her first child and after having fun on a romance community forum that she finally decided to take the plunge and write a book.

Apart from writing Nicole is busy looking after her very own hero – her wonderfully supportive husband, and two fabulous kids. She also enjoys watching sports and, of course, reading.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Careen (Crown and Anchor Series #3) by Kerri-Ann

Title: Careen
Series: Crown and Anchor Series #3
Author: Kerri Ann
Genre: Dark Romance
Release Date: May 17, 2017

Another day another screw up. I've been reprimanded so many times in the past two weeks, you'd think I could get a handle on it--that I could find a way out of this. Hell no. Captain brought me in for another infraction, and if I can't get this straight I'm off the force. All my family have been cops. My Dad, my Uncles, crap--even my Great Grandfather was a Marshall during Lincoln's time. If I lose this job and I'm done; what will I do?

While out on patrol, what I thought was a routine traffic stop for a taillight out on a sleek motorcycle, that's when I met her. Her jet black hair streams out of her helmet, flowing down her back in a tight braid. That slim body, and her glorious rack, is stuffed tight in a race jacket. She's amazing to say the least. She's what dreams are made of.

That was until I arrested her.

I'm the Doll of Crown Industries. I have everything I could ever ask for, and then some. Nothing was ever hard. What I portrayed to the world, and to my family is a lie. Everyone expects me to be the perfectly manicured, presentable and contained daughter. They think I'm the one that follows the rules, and stays within the lines.

As my life fell apart, and that perfect ivory tower family crumbled down, could I survive it? Will it crush me?

Another fantastic book for this series, I was excited to read China's story and this one didn't disappoint. This book could be read as a standalone because you do learn how China and Risen meet in a brief synopsis at the start of the book, but I really, REALLY recommend reading the first two books because there's a lot that happens and quite simply, they're great books. We get to see how strong of a young woman China is, with all the turmoil that's happened in her life over the last year, and how she basically dealt with and reacted to the events pretty much by herself. She did the best she could, but there were times I wanted to shake her, but grief makes you act in ways you normally wouldn't. Although with the Crown family, there's not much that is normal for them.

Risen is just so damn hot! If he was real I'd find some reason for him to have to frisk me ;). The relationship between China and Risen has a realistic vibe since he already knows her and the Crown family, which does cause a bit of tension. But the chemistry between them is epically hot. I'm already looking forward to Jamieson's story.

With an avaricious appetite for stories, Kerri Ann can be found quite often with her nose in a book or writing it. On many occasion it has been said that she's in her own world, living in the stories of those she reads about, giving them a life they deserve. She can easily be found under a tree in the shade, or reclining at Starbucks scribbling notes about new stories and new characters, all while keeping the coffee chain in business. Whether late at night, at a music festival, or sitting on a ski lift, when the thoughts arise, Kerri Ann will add them to those in progress. So be wary, your antics could be in her next book.