Friday, May 23, 2014

REVIEW - Training Drew (Twisted & Tied #2) by Blue Kincaid

Title: Training Drew (Twisted & Tied #2)
Author: Blue Kincaid
Release Date:
Series or Standalone: Series
Genre: Erotica
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

When Drew Minola signs up for the annual submissive auction at Twisted & Tied – DC’s premier BDSM club – she’s under the impression it’s mostly for show. She doesn’t expect there to be any real competition for her and anticipates a night of slightly kinky sex with her sort-of boyfriend – which would be a vast improvement over the disaster that was her last foray into the Lifestyle. What she ends up with is an overwhelmingly intense, deliciously sexy stranger who isn’t one to take no for an answer – not that she’s saying no. She’s too busy begging – Yes, please, more! But when their night is over, can she do more than dip her toe into the BDSM world and learn to embrace the submissive within?

Shibari expert Sebastian Falk wants Drew in his arms, in his bed and in his ropes, and he’s willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen – including buying her submission for the night. But he wants so much more than just one night. More than anything he wants to show her what submitting to a real Dom is like, because the one she’s with is dangerous and reckless. Bas isn’t going to let him ruin any more lives and if that means stealing Drew right out from under the son of a bitch’s nose, then so be it. Great risk for great reward – and she is the greatest prize Bas has ever claimed. She’s no wilting flower, though, and training her is going to test all of his skills as a Dom…but that's nothing compared to the trouble he's going to have when the secrets he's been keeping come back to haunt him - and Drew.

My thoughts:
I thought this was a pretty good story, it had a few laugh out loud moments, seeing as Drew doesn't have an internal filter and just says whatever pops into her head. Bas appears to be a laid back Dom, he was patient in explaining the Lifestyle to Drew, and their sex scenes are pretty damn hot. But of course there must be some type of angst in a story, to counterbalance all the sex that happens.  Drew eventually learns the truth about the auction, and of course has a confrontation with Bas (thus providing the climatic drama of the story); I didn't really understand why Bas felt it necessary to go through with that course of action, I didn't read the first book so I don't know if those events took place in the first book or if they happened well before the first book in the series takes place, so I really felt a disconnect with that part of the story.

Another thing about this book is that all it seems to take place in about a week's time, which I don't have a problem with, I just think the whole relationship aspect moved way too fast. I really would have liked to see the relationship between Drew and Bas more drawn out, and maybe to flesh out the characters more; we really don't know much about either one's background, other than what they do for a living. But I did get a kick out of knowing which Asian fusion taco truck was mentioned in the book.

Again, a good, quick entertaining story and I will more than likely read the future stories in this series.

ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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