Thursday, October 30, 2014

REVIEW - Merry Christmas, Henry by Aubrey Wynne

Title: Merry Christmas, Henry
Author: Aubrey Wynne
Publisher: Melange Books LLC
Release Date: 5 November 2013
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Genre: Adult Romance; Fantasy

Henry, a shy and talented artist, moonlights as a security guard at a museum and loses his heart to a beautiful, melancholy woman in a painting. As his obsession grows, he finds a kindred soul who helps him in his search for happiness. On Christmas Eve, Henry dares to take a chance on love and fulfill his dream.
For a short story, this certainly has a lot of feelings and emotions within, most notably devotion and love. Henry is a gentle soul who prefers to spend his time alone, sometimes working on his art; but while he could be classified as a loner, he does have a couple of people in his life that care about him and his happiness, and they also understand his desire to be by himself. One Christmas Henry finally decides to take a chance on love, leading to a beautiful, albeit different ending to a story.
Book provided in exchange for honest review.

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  1. Thanks so much for such a wonderful review. I hope it put you in the holiday spirit a bit early.