Tuesday, November 25, 2014

NEW RELEASE REVIEW & GIVEAWAY - Leo Maddox by Sarah Darlington

Genre: New Adult Romance

The one. The only. Leo Maddox.

Leo’s cocky. He’s mean. He’s gorgeous. He’s never learned the meaning of the word no. He’s the twenty-one-year-old, billionaire grandson of a hotel mogul. He has vacation homes he’s never been to and cars he doesn’t drive. Women. Fashion. Alcohol. There’s nothing he can’t get. Well…almost nothing.

He can’t have her. The girl he loves. The girl he’s loved his entire life. She hates him. Until one morning when Leo wakes up and decides enough is enough. He’s going to get the only girl he’s ever wanted. So what if she has a new boyfriend. So what if she loathes his very existence. Clara belongs with him and he’s going to prove it to her by winning her heart.

*This New Adult Romance is told entirely from Leo Maddox’s POV. It can be read before, after, or in place of Sarah Darlington's stand alone novel He Belongs With Me. Recommended for readers 18+ due to strong language and sexy scenes.

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About the Author:
Sarah Darlington lives in Virginia with her husband and amazing two-year-old son. She's a former flight attendant, navy brat, constant day-dreamer, wannabe photographer, and an avid scrapbooker. She loves to travel and is working on visiting all 50 states.

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I got the chance to meet Leo Maddox when I read an ARC of He Belongs With Me and from the start, I knew he was going to be a great book boyfriend.

If you've read He Belongs with Me, you know about the love/hate relationship between Leo and Clara, but that's all from Clara's side of the story. I loved getting to see the arrogant and confident Leo all twisted up inside when it comes to Clara and his feelings for her.

While I loved getting to read all about the early beginnings of the Leo and Clara chronicles, I would have liked to read more about the progression of their relationship and what happened once the reality of Clara going back to school and Leo still jetting everywhere for his job has taken over.

ARC provided in exchange for honest review.


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