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REVIEW BLOG TOUR & GIVEAWAY - A Cursed Bloodline (Weird Girls #4) by Cecy Robson

A Cursed Bloodline
Weird Girls # 4
By: Cecy Robinson
Releasing November 18th, 2014

The Weird Girls return in another edge-of-your-seat novel from Cecy Robson! Just when Celia thinks the supernatural world can’t turn deadlier, a new rival emerges, proving just how dangerous a power-hungry were can be.

Since being cursed with unique abilities, Celia Wird and her three sisters have fought the most bloodthirsty preternaturals in the Lake Tahoe region. But Celia’s greatest threat is someone she would have never suspected: Anara, a werewolf Elder who has allowed his hatred for Celia to spiral out of control. In a play for dominance, Anara tortures Celia and gives her an ultimatum: sever her mate bond with pureblood were Aric—or Anara will kill everyone she loves.

From the instant they met, Celia and Aric have shared an attraction that cannot be tamed. So keeping Aric away is impossible, and Aric would sooner die than allow anyone to hurt the woman he loves. Misha, master vampire and Celia’s sworn protector, also finds his way into the chaos, seeking blood from those who have harmed her.

Now Celia and her sisters are caught in the middle of a war driven by lust, fueled by hatred, and destined to end in tragedy. For Anara is a force to be reckoned with, and he will not succumb without robbing Celia of those who hold her heart.


My sisters and I were immune to the hypnotic powers vampires have over humans. Misha alone could connect with me, given he’d pass me his call . . . and because he almost killed me once, feeding from me. I nodded. After the day I’d had, I was ready for a “Misha high.”

The moment our eyes locked, a soothing wave of peace filled me. The last time he’d calmed me I felt mellow and content—similar to when I woke in my warm bed to gentle raindrops pitter-patteringagainst my window. Not this time. Images appeared in my mind, full of vibrant colors and complete with surround sound.

Yellow finches chirped and flew happily across a vast grassy field where Misha and I sat on a soft brown blanket. A thick white sweater swathed the muscles of his arms and chest. I smiled. He looked amazing, although it was strange to see him in jeans rather than the designer slacks he preferred to wear. A soft breeze blew against his long blond hair, draping it over his shoulder while the blue sky illuminated his gray eyes like pools of melted silver.

A long white cotton dress covered my thin frame and a matching lace wrap draped over my bare shoulders. Misha’s gaze wandered down my body, softening when he fixed it on my chest. I glanced down, curious to see what held him so captivated.

My body jerked and I almost dropped the small bundle in my arms. A baby nursed at my breast. A baby! He squirmed a little before settling down and cuddling closer against me.
Taran’s swearing and Shayna’s panicked voice echoed in the distance. “What’s wrong with her, dude?”

“Her pain is more than I predicted. I will attempt a stronger hypnosis . . .”

The scene repeated itself before quickly morphing into another equally mind-blowing image. Misha and I held hands, walking along the same field, wearing the same clothes while three small children ran toward us with open arms. There were two boys and a little girl, their cheeks bright pink from running and laughing. They all appeared happy.
And they all resembled Misha.

Long blond hair swept away from their faces, revealing their twinkling gray eyes. The two boys jumped into Misha’s welcoming embrace. The pretty little girl skipped to me with a smile as warm as sunshine. “Mommy!” she cried. I awoke abruptly, huddled on the bathroom floor with several towels wrapped around me.

Cold sweat chilled my body. Misha lay sprawled at the opposite corner. Judging by his pallor and bulging eyes, he’d seen everything.

Okay . . . clearly the “Misha high” was the wrong way to go.

For the first time since I met him, Misha’s voice actually cracked when he spoke. “What . . . happened?”

Shayna and Taran crouched on either side of me. Their attention alternated between us, and confusion angled their small brows. Shayna adjusted the towels around me. “You were holding Celia’s face in your hands. Everything was fine at first, but then you started shaking.”

Taran’s eyes narrowed. “Not just shaking, but freaking glowing. Damnit, I don’t know what the hell happened but it looked like you both went into shock.”

Misha said nothing, stunned into silence. So not a good sign.

Praise for the Weird Girls series

“One of my favorite books series . . . so much action, so much violence and, oh, the lust radiating off of our heroes . . . I definitely recommend this series for lovers of all things paranormal and awesome.”—USA Today

“[With Robson’s] edgy, witty and modern style of storytelling, the reader will be drawn deep into this quirky paranormal world. . . . Strong pacing, constant action and distinctive, appealing characters—including a gutsy heroine—will no doubt keep you invested.”—RT Book Reviews

“A healthy dose of humor, a heaping dash of the supernatural, and a pinch of mystery all laced with a heavy dollop of action . . . Robson knows how to combine all the best ingredients to keep her readers hooked and begging for another hit.”—Fresh Fiction

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Author Info
Cecy Robson is the New Adult author of Once Perfect, Once Loved, and Once Pure and the award-winning author of the Weird Girls urban fantasy romance series. A self-proclaimed professional napper, Cecy counts among her talents a jaw-dropping knowledge of useless trivia, the ability to make her hair big, and a knack for breaking into song despite her family’s vehement protests. A full-time writer, registered nurse, wife, and mother living in the Great Northwest, Cecy enjoys spending time with her family and silencing the yappy characters in her head by telling their stories.
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Well, first this story is pretty violent and considering Celia is pregnant, that was a bit hard to digest. Cause she gets kicked around alot in this installment. But no one knows she's pregnant. Then there's the whole "dump Ari or everyone you love will die" twist. I mean damn, can a girl catch a break?

Another great installment in this series, definitely a lot of action going on and I can't wait to see what happens next in the series (which comes out March 2015)


ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

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