Saturday, July 11, 2015

BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Team Lucas (Saints Team #1) by Ally Adams

New Adult Contemporary Romance
Release: July 1, 2015
Publisher: Atlas Books

“I want to stay forever... I want to have you for as long as I can have you Lucas, even if that is a week or a year or a decade.”
Mia Carter never thought getting suspended from her part-time job for having attitude could be the best thing to ever happen ... maybe.
When Lucas Ainswright—one of the world’s biggest sporting stars—needs a minder, it just so happens that attitude is just what is needed to keep Lucas in line.
Now Mia’s job is to manage the sporting world’s bad boy and keep him at the top of his game for the season. Game on!
Next in the series: Team Tomás

About the Author
Ally Adams is a journalist who lives in coastal Victoria, Australia with her husband and furry friends. She is a literature major, romance reader and writer.

This started out with plenty of potential, and the first few chapters of interactions between 
Mia and Lucas were actually pretty funny. But after a few more chapters, Lucas' behavior 
began to grate on my nerves. I can understand how his childhood really, really messed him up, but that in no way excuses his treatment towards Mia. There is a particular incident that occurs somewhere around mid-book that involves a flying projectile (if you've read the book,you know what I'm talking about) that had me almost ready to not finish the story, I was that disgusted. Although yay for Mia for wanting to get out; but I was taken aback again when 
Lucas' friend begged her to stay. WTF? They're all lucky she didn't sue. 
I know, I know, it's fiction. But argh, so damn frustrating!

Lucas' behavior did seem to calm down after the flying projectile incident, although he still 
had moments where you feel like throttling him, but at least Mia gave it right back to him anddidn't cower and be intimidated by him. I would have liked to see some type of resolution 
with Lucas and his parents.

Unfortunately, a big issue for me is the dialog. I know the author is Australian, and that 
Lucas is British, but with the story taking place in Cali, the author had Mia (who's American BTW), using either British or Australian terminology. One other issue is the whole X-chromosome/Y-chromosome for Mia. Mia claims to not be a girly-girl, but yet when she does something feminine, the author keeps stating that Mia does have some Y-chromosome. Pretty 
sure the Y-chromosome doesn't make you girly.

Overall, it's still an enjoyable story, and I'm actually looking forward to the next story in the series about Mia's BFF Alice and her potential love interest Pez.
ARC provided by publisher via Netgalley in exchange for honest review.

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