Thursday, September 17, 2015

BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Temptation, Parts 1-3 by Ivy Smoak

Title: Temptation, Parts 1-3
Author: Ivy Smoak
Release Date: 8 April 2015
Series or Standalone: Series
Genre: New Adult Romance, Erotica

Indulge in the temptation in the breakout series The Hunted by Ivy Smoak. 

When Penny Taylor runs into a handsome stranger in a coffee shop, she believes her luck has finally changed. After having her confidence unwound by her ex, she falls hard for a true gentleman. But once she realizes that her crush is her communications professor, her world is turned upside down. 

Haunted by dreams of the alluring Professor Hunter, Penny can't seem to dismiss her fantasies and the temptation to have him grows deeper. Will the excitement, danger, and mystery surrounding Professor Hunter bring her to her knees? 

This book is intended for mature audiences. 

NOTE: This includes Part 1, 2, and 3.


So, what we have here is the familiar story of the forbidden relationship between student and professor. Who doesn't like the dark and brooding man who is supposed to be off-limits?

Penny is your typical college student, not inexperienced, but certainly not worldly. So imagine her shock when the stranger who made a mess of her shirt at the local coffee shop turns out to be her professor. Her hot, sexy, mysterious professor, who seems to be flirting with her. There is a lot of innuendo in this first part of the series, hot looks and sexy dreams, but there are times where Penny appears to be so clueless I had the urge to slap her smart. The back-and-forth with Penny and her thoughts. She knows it's all kinds of wrong to want Professor Hunter, but hey, sometimes you just can't control your desires, no matter much you want to.

And then it happened. It was hot.

Hot I tell you.

I don't think you're hearing me: it was HAWT!!!!! 

They've given into temptation, but where will the road take them? Please know that this series ends in a cliffhanger, but Parts 4 and 5 are available, so I know what I'll be doing this weekend!

Books provided in exchange for honest review.


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  2. Thanks for the great review, Nicole! I'm so glad you liked it :) If possible, it would really help me out if you posted your review on Amazon & Goodreads. I really appreciate it! :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Hi Nicole! Thank you so much again for the awesome review! The second book in the series, Addiction, is coming out later this week. And I wanted to know if you'd like a copy to review? Let me know and I'll send you over a copy! My email is :)