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BLOG TOUR REVIEW - His Young Queen (Steel Jackals MC #1) by Tiff P. Raine

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His Young Queen by Tiff P. Raine Steel Jackals #1 
Publication Date: November 10, 2015 

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Her mother’s drug addiction forced Tish O’Malley to grow up too early. It forced the two of them to move around constantly, so that no place felt like home. When the clouds finally parted and Tish found shelter and happiness for the first time in her life, her mother’s addiction was there to take that away, too.

After three long years, Tish’s sun returns to Queen Creek, and her secret love for this man nearly twice her age surges and is revealed when she makes an offer that shocks them both. An average man would have difficulty passing on a young, innocent woman willing to do anything to please him. How will a fierce alpha biker who has spent the last thirty-six months in prison fare?

Pretty damn well, Tish soon discovers. Because he’s Josh “The Guardian” Sylvan, the Steel Jackals’ viciously loyal Sergeant at Arms. But will Tish’s protector have what it takes to stand by his instant and brutal rejection of the woman she’s become? Or will he cave despite his best efforts to resist the one female who should never have made it on his radar?

I liked this okay, it was quick yet entertaining; the book takes place over a 5-day period, yet because it's short we don't get much in the way of secondary characters (the exception being Nick and Nina); Tish definitely had a craptastic childhood, the one constant for her being Josh, who is a friend of her uncle's. They're friends for years, until a little thing called prison puts their friendship in timeout; they reconnect once Josh is out, only now he's now seeing Tish in a whole new light. I liked that while Tish doesn't have much experience, she still knows that she wants Josh and is determined to get her man.
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About Tiff P. Raine

Tiff P. Raine
An award winning, bestselling romantic suspense author turned erotic romance author, Tiff P. Raine writes about her possessive alpha males and their spirited women from her home in Southwestern Ontario. And, yes, she is a happily a reclusive cat-lady, but currently has only one beauty of a feline to keep her company.
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