Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Soulless (Once Wicked #1) by Sarah J. Pepper

Title: Soulless
Series: Once Wicked Series #1
Author: Sarah J. Pepper
Genre: NA Fantasy Romance
Release Date: February 23, 2016
Publisher: Neximus Publishing
Our love is imperfect in the most perfect way. It is love done our way. Raw. Unconventional. Sexy as hell. More importantly, it is honest to the core…Or so I think. One little, white lie shouldn't do so much damage. Yet, it changes me forever. The worst part is that Declan whispers that sweet nothing out of protection. My safety is in the forefront of his mind, especially since there are others who’d hurt me simply to get to him. I never consider that he will be the one to cut me so deeply. But it all starts with that first prick—the night he saves my life.

If you're into paranormal stories and haven't yet read anything by Sarah J. Pepper, you are really missing out. We get another fantastic story featuring fairy tale characters we grew up with, but with edgier and darker tones. The relationship between Declan and Piper was...unconventional. There's no doubt there was love, but to what extent? Declan did what he thought was the right thing at the moment, but the fallout was something neither he nor Piper could have predicted.

Ms. Pepper writes her characters with so much realism (for fictional paranormal characters) and depth it's awesome. We get to see all the flaws and faults of her characters, even the secondary characters. Declan can be pretty damn scary, but I love the visual I have of him as Rumpelstiltskin as written by Ms. Pepper over what the hell I saw in picture books when I was little (those images always reminded me of a cross between the billy goat gruff and a troll).

I loved the way both he and Piper are portrayed: he's bad, and has been for 348 years (and some change), but since falling in love he wants to be good. Piper's moral compass has her as good, but since going through the change (and I don't mean menopause), she's having an understandably hard time learning to embrace the side of her that's bad. She's both infatuated and abhorred by the feelings she experiences with her new abilities.
ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

“A hauntingly amazing read.” - 5 Star Goodreads Reviewer
“It's not often you are sucked into a story so completely, but there really is no way around it with Soulless.” - 5 Star Review A Cup and a Book
“This is quite a story. It is a story of demons. A story of a special demon and the deals he makes with living people.” - 5 Star Goodreads Reviewer
Happening March 1, 2016
His perilous stare deepened as his grip fastened around my waist. The maniacal thoughts passing over his eyes confirmed that I wasn’t the only one who wanted all the space between us eliminated.


could hardly breathe when his gaze fell to my lips. It left me speechless. It was the very way a passing glance could leave you without words. But Declan didn’t just take a glimpse. No, he unapologetically looked me over. He


me, but didn’t say them in so many words. Yet, I heard them all the same. I heard them with each moan that echoed in the air. I felt them as he held me gently in his arms. Even if I didn’t feel the desire radiating off of him in a fury of passion, he bore that intensity in his gaze. The world around us melted away until there was on me and

Sarah J. Pepper specializes in dark, paranormal romance - think "happy ever after" but with a twisted, dark chocolate center. Real-life romance isn't only filled with hugs, kisses, bunnies, and rainbows. True-love can be more thoroughly described in times of darkness and tribulation. It's in those harsh moments where you see what a person is truly capable of - both the good and bad. Sometimes prince-charming isn't always on time, and the glass slipper is a little snug. However, it doesn't mean Charming is not Mr. Right, and who says every shoe is the perfect fit? Get a glimpse inside her head at www.sarahjpepper.com


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