Friday, February 5, 2016

NEW RELEASE - X Marks the Spot (An Executioners MC Novel) by Kimmie Easley

New Release
February 5th, 2016
X Marks the Spot - an Executioner's MC novel ($3.99)
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Jolene Miller barely escaped the dark underworld of being the president’s daughter of a notorious motorcycle club. After having her heart broken by Ronin, the MC’s Sargent at Arms, she tried to navigate a normal life as an up and coming criminal defense attorney.
When the only family she’s ever known comes under fire, Jolene rushes home to Jericho, California to step in - only to find it’s not just the club who needs her.
Ronin is wanted for murder.
Can Jolene let go of their tortured past in order to save their future?

This was my first Kimmie Easley book and I enjoyed what I read. Yes, it's a MC story, but with a bit of twist in that we get a possible second chance at love during what's probably the worst time to engage in a relationship. I liked that there was still chemistry between Jolene and Ronin, even with all of the tension that permeated the air. Watching their relationship change as the truth starts to emerge was equal parts anticipatory yet cautious, simply because of why Jolene was summoned back home. The side characters added to the story, but not to the point of being detrimental, and I loved Ruth and her no-nonsense attitude. I will say that this is a book that perpetuates misogynistic views towards women, but you have to remember this is a book about a MC and while I'm not up close and personal with any real life MC, I'm sure a good portion of them still view women like the characters in this book did. With that being said, it wasn't enough to put me off reading the next book in the series.
ARC provided in exchange for honest review.
Author's Bio
Kimmie is an Amazon International bestselling romance author who grew up traveling the country, rarely settling in one place for much longer than a minute. Being no stranger to heartache and love, she allows her unconventional life to fuel her writing.
Kimmie is addicted to all things books, wine, cupcakes and flip-flops. She is a homeschool momma, southern wife and pug wrangler.
Kimmie can be found somewhere in the south writing wine worthy stories.
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