Monday, April 4, 2016

BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Trust Me (Lessons in Seduction #3) by Sophie Holloway

I can't get enough.
Enough of her beautiful body, her passion, and the way I feel when she's in my arms.
Eva has become the most precious thing in my world and I'll do whatever it takes to protect her. Her enemies are ruthless, but so am I.
I am not a man to be toyed with, especially when it comes to this woman. My woman.
I will find her, protect her, and make damned sure she knows that she's all that matters.
No one can tear us apart, not as long as she trusts me.

So we finally get the answers to who is after Eva and why is in this installment, and the explanation was anticipated, although who one of the minds behind everything isn't who I suspected, but there is yet one more revelation that was even more shocking. Lucy is still up to her tricks, and even with everything happening with Eva, I do wish there would have been more on that arc of the story, it's like she sends an email and then that's it, nothing more is said about her. But we do get a HEA for Jack and Eva, and that's all we wanted right?

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About Sophie Holloway

Sophie Holloway is from her favorite city on earth--Manhattan. When she's not writing, she's likely lost in a museum, basking in the sun in Central Park, or making excuses to buy gourmet cupcakes. She likes shoes, rooftop parties, lockets with surprises inside, arts and crafts (both in equal measure), long goodbyes, longer hellos, good friends, strong coffee and even stronger men. She hopes to meet her very own Prince Charming someday soon!


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