Friday, August 19, 2016

RELEASE BLITZ - Lucky Star: A Hollywood Love Story by Rebecca Caudill

Today we have Lucky Star by Rebecca Caudill. Check it out and grab your copy today!! BLITZ-BANNER About Lucky Star:
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What happens when two best friends who are secretly in love with each other hookup after one too many shots of tequila? For Sarah Travers and Cameron Scott, their friendship is quickly overshadowed by the uncertainty that comes with crossing the line from friends to lovers. Their problems are compounded when Cameron is cast as the lead in a major Hollywood blockbuster and he must decide what’s more important: sticking by the woman he’s loved since the moment they met or the bright lights and temptation of superstardom.   

When I met Cameron we hit it off like macaroni and cheese. Now we’re practically inseparable but I’ve been hiding the fact that I’m in love with him. Truly, madly, deeply. He finally figured it out and everything changed between us forever. That’s not my biggest problem though. You see, Cameron just landed the role of a lifetime and, despite how he feels about me, I’m worried I’m about to play second fiddle to the bright lights and temptations of Hollywood.   

I think I’ve loved Sarah since the first moment I laid eyes on her. It goes without saying she’s funny, smart, and has curves for days, but it’s more than that. She’s my light in this cynical, messed up world called Hollywood. I’d do anything to be with her, but I keep screwing up what should be easy. Now the studio is pressuring me to date my new co-star as part of a PR campaign and all I can think is maybe Sarah and I weren’t meant to be.
This is such a fun book to read! Yes, it is two best friends who have fallen in love with each other, but what we're not subjected to is the games that are played because neither side wants to be the one to put their emotions out there in the fear of being rejected.

Instead, what we get are two people who know they're going to be together (despite the debacle of their first night together), and how they handle the unexpected result of Cameron's sudden fame and the change in their relationship from best friends to lovers. I love that Sarah is a woman who is comfortable in her own skin, she doesn't let her size bring her down. Not only that, she shows her strength when she makes the decision that wasn't easy to make, rather than let someone else take care of the unpleasantness. I also appreciated that while Sarah was comfortable with herself, she did have the rare bout of insecurity with herself after the first night debacle. But the fact that she and Cameron actually discussed everything was refreshing, because there's nothing that bothers me more than when the couple dances around whatever subject is unpleasant throughout the majority of the book.
ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

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  About Rebecca Caudill: 
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Rebecca has always loved writing stories. When she won a writing contest in third grade (a 1000-word epic tale about her teddy bear, Max), she announced she would someday become an author. When she wasn't writing her own stories, she was sneaking copies of her mom's paperback romances to read late into the night. (Which, thinking back, was probably not appropriate.) After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh in 2000 with a degree in Journalism, she embarked on a career in technology public relations in Silicon Valley, working for some of the country's hottest start-ups and publicly-traded companies. In 2014 she retired from corporate drudgery to write full time.   Rebecca lives in Dublin, Ireland, with her husband. When not writing, she is exploring her new city and traveling across Europe searching for inspiration for her next story. (Hint: it involves travel and rugby.) 
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