Saturday, October 8, 2016

BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Just Out of Reach by Xavier Neal


There isn't much Theo Convington wants but can't have. His charms and green eyes have gotten him everything, from an easy job to his choice of easy women, and that's exactly how he prefers to live his life. Easy. However, when one wrong decision lands him on house arrest, he's forced to start his life over with an estranged aunt. As if trying to settle into his limited lifestyle wasn't hard enough, Theo makes the mistake of meeting the woman of his dreams, who happens to live right next door. With so much already stacked against him, will he put in the work it takes to win her heart, or will she join the long list of other things that are suddenly just out of reach?

Another fun story from Xavier Neal, this book has plenty of humor and witty banter between Theo and Lane, as well as serious chemistry between them. While the chemistry is hot, we actually get to see the evolution of their friendship as it develops into something more. I actually liked the fact that Theo is housebound, I felt like this made for an interesting twist for them, since Theo can't do the normal things to impress someone; kinda hard to impress someone when you're stuck in the house for set period of time.

Xavier Neal is an up and coming Author and Blogger. She lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing and reading. She loves Tex-mex, fandoms, and laughing. Feel free to spend her a message any time!


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