Tuesday, December 6, 2016

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW - Private (Private Series #1) by Xavier Neal

Mogul or Monster?

Billionaire Weston Wilcox hasn't been seen by the outside world in almost a decade. No face to face meetings. No interviews. No social media accounts. Despite his ghost demeanor he continues to financially flourish and make his fellow investors richer with every decision.

Throughout the years many have sought to discover the man inside the mogul while others have spread legends painting him as a heartless monster consumed by greed. None of it matters to him. Weston's true identity is secured away in his estate of solitude, which consists of the only people in the entire world he believes he can trust. 

That is until he's asked to allow a guest access to the property under extreme circumstances. One he knows he shouldn't. It doesn't take long before his world is turned upside down, unexpected threats arise, and Weston's forced to ask himself what really should be kept private?

I haven't read many Xavier Neal books, but I can say that I literally read this book in one day. Something about it grabbed from the start and I couldn't put it down. It definitely had the whole "Beauty and the Beast" feel to it, but there's a reason why Wes hasn't ventured out in public for the last decade. I can understand why he made that decision, not that I agree with it, but I do understand his reasoning and why he feels that way. 

Brynley is a hilarious hot mess from start to finish, but in the best way possible. She's that person who manages to bring life to any room she enters, even if she's not saying anything. But she's also extremely observant and has a great understanding of the human psyche. She's able to put you on notice and urge you out of your shell in such a way that by the time you realize, you've become comfortable in your own skin and feel ready to take on new challenges. She's independent and snarky, but not in a mean or cruel way. I love the friendship she developed with J.T., some of their conversations were hilarious. And she was the perfect balance for Wes; sure she pushed him, but not out of spite, more because she saw straight to the heart of the man and wanted the world to see him for who he is, and to show him that the exterior is merely the cover for the amazing person he is. Sure, he didn't see it that way, but he eventually saw the light.

There's also a bit of a mystery that accompanies this blossoming romance, and if you pay attention, you'll know who the culprit is pretty early in the story. What was surprising to me was the connection between the culprit and another character, I sure didn't see that one coming. Actually, the culprit is responsible for two separate events, one of which is what drives Wes to retaliate against Brynley. Once the truth is revealed, Wes has some serious groveling to do. And he does it in an unexpected way. I liked the way this book wrapped up, but I'm already anxious for the next book to come out.

Xavier Neal is an up and coming Author and Blogger. She lives in Texas where she spends her time getting lost in writing and reading. She loves Tex-mex, fandoms, and laughing. Feel free to spend her a message any time!


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