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BLOG TOUR REVIEW & GIVEAWAY - Distraction (Club Destiny #8) by Nicole Edwards

Title: Distraction
Series: Club Destiny
Author: Nicole Edwards
Genre: Adult, Erotic Romance
Published: January 31, 2017
Time doesn’t always heal a broken heart. Sometimes the only thing it does is fill the darkness with more shadows, more pain.

Dylan Thomas has spent the past decade living in the shadows, mourning the loss of his wife, his best friend, his very reason for breathing. He long ago accepted that he would never feel again, that he was damned to a world without light, without hope. That was the day the bottle won, and he gave himself over to the darkness.

Until the one night that rocked his brittle, crumbling world on its axis. She told him what they shared was simply a distraction, a way to forget for a little while. It would’ve been, except the tiny glimpse of how it feels to live again, to feel again, gives him the strength he needs to pull himself up by his boot straps. But sobriety comes one day at a time, and three years later may be three years too late.
Been waiting for Dylan's story and I'm glad his story was chosen to wrap up this series, even though I'm sad to see it's over. I say each time I review a book where the characters already know each other, but I think that makes the story so much more realistic. Dylan's and Sarah's history goes a way back, they went to high school together. They've both suffered through traumatic events with their spouses, have a one-night stand and don't see each other for a few years, then they reconnect at a company party. This book has plenty of emotion, enough to make you tear up, but plenty of laughs as well. And goodness knows that Nicole Edwards has proved without a shadow of a doubt that she can write the hell out of a sex scene. The road to a HEA isn't smooth, but this was a great way to wrap up the series, and I can't wait to get the spin-off and Trent's story.

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