Thursday, May 3, 2018

BLOG TOUR & REVIEW - Lithium Tides (Lithium Springs #2) by Carmel Rhodes

Lithium Tides

by Carmel Rhodes 
Lithium Springs, #2 
Publication Date: April 26, 2018 
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Standalone



Whose bed is this?
That was Kensie first thought as she peeled her eyes open to find herself in an unfamiliar room. She noted the crumpled red dress, tiny black thong, and Louboutin heels in the corner.

Whose arms are these?
That was her second as the tattooed arms engulfing her tightened their grip. Her phone buzzed on the nightstand. Carefully, without waking up the man behind her, she reached for it. The name on the display read Prince Charming.

“How are you still asleep at one in the afternoon?” Trey’s familiar baritone rang in her ear.
“Long night,” she rasped. The man behind her chuckled. His mouth warm on her ear.
“Well, wake up, my flight leaves in an hour, and I can’t wait to see you.”
“I can’t wait,” she said weakly.
What have I done? That was her third thought as the weight of her recklessness consumed her.
She cheated.
She was a cheater.

Lithium Tides: Book Two in the Lithium Springs Series. A Complete Standalone Novel.


This was my first time reading Carmel Rhodes and I absolutely loved this book. Reading about Kensie's childhood fairytale dreams and her current reality was an interesting juxtaposition: her Prince Charming is slowly turning her into Stepford Wife clone, and his polar opposite, who swaggers into the picture and shakes up her entire existence. What shouldn't even have been a one-off night with the bad boy somehow manages to have Kensie flipping back and forth between the two personas. Trey's world is all about sophistication and climbing the corporate ladder, yet CT's world is a way to free her adventurous side that's being smothered by the corporate elitism that is Trey's life.


Writer of words. Mother of Joy. Wife of Compassion. I like to write stories about real people who go through real struggles, and come out the other side stronger. I also like to write smut. Welcome to my brain. It’s a little screwed up, but always well intended.


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