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RELEASE BLITZ & REVIEW - Sinking in the Shadows (The Dating Trilogy #2) by Alexandria Bishop

The second book in The Dating Trilogy is finally LIVE! 
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The Dating Trilogy continues with Sinking in the Shadows... 

She wasn’t looking for love. 
She wasn’t looking for a happily ever after. 
But Dating in the Dark gave her both. 
Or so she thought. 
Now with a broken heart and an unexpected surprise she doesn’t know if she’ll ever find her way back to both again. 

Sinking in the Shadows is the second book in The Dating Trilogy and should be read after Dating in the Dark. Tinley and Marek’s story concludes in Loving in the Light.

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Well, after the cliffhanger ending of the first book, I couldn't wait to find out what was going to happen with Tinley and Marek in this book. I gotta say though, I'm not too terribly impressed with Tinley with this book; I get being surprised by the news she learned when she broke her foot (I remember the disbelief I felt when I learned the same news), but her subsequent behavior had me shaking my head at her. She's almost 30 and seemed totally clueless about her situation. Which again, I get, but to a point. Simply because her sister just went through the experience (her second time BTW), so how come Tinley seems to have zero knowledge? If she and her sister are close, she'd have some kind of clue about what to expect. And grr, don't even get me started on her so-called "best friend", cause that chick is shadier than an elm tree during peak season! And just when I thought it was safe...BOOM with another cliffhanger, and once again I'll be all antsy with anticipation about how this will end for Tinley and Marek.

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About Alexandria Bishop

Born on a small southeastern island in Alaska and raised in southern Oregon, Alexandria Bishop is a PNW girl at heart. By day, she goes to battle with a tiny dictator aka her toddler and by night, she can be found typing ALL the words of her contemporary romance novels accompanied by a glass of wine or two ;) When she’s not in mommy or author mode, she can be found drinking copious amounts of cold brew coffee, bingeing her latest obsession on Netflix, or attending concerts of her favorite pop-punk bands. She loves hearing from her readers and you can find her on social media here:

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