Thursday, May 15, 2014

REVIEW - He Belongs With Me by Sarah Darlington

Title: He Belongs With Me
Author: Sarah Darlington
Publisher: eBook format
Release Date: 27 February 2014
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Genre: New Adult Romance
Rating: ♥♥♥♥ 1/2

Two girls. One Leo. 

Identical twins, Maggie and Clara Ryder, both grew up with Leo Maddox, billionaire playboy, apparent alcoholic, and heir to his grandfather's world-famous Maddox hotel empire. Their roles were cemented long ago: Maggie, as his best friend and Clara as his childhood nemesis. 

But when a simple twist of fate changes everything and both girls start to fall for the lean, mean, ridiculously sexy and seemingly spoiled Leo... which girl will win his heart? 

Throw in a little mischief, drama, and one smoking-hot bartender and lines are sure to blur. But one thing's for certain, neither good-girl Maggie nor rebellious Clara will be satisfied until they each figure out where they belong. 

*NEW ADULT ROMANCE. Recommended for 17+ due to sexual situations and adult language.*

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My thoughts:
I loved this book! Even though they don't get along, I was still impressed with Clara's plan to break the heart of her twin's ex-boyfriend, although maybe she should have clued Maggie in to the plan. But if she had done that, then Maggie wouldn't have hooked up with Dean. Going into this book, I thought there was going to be drama with Maggie and Clara both after Leo, glad that wasn't the case. And Leo just might one of the best book boyfriends! I mean, how freaking sweet was he when they were six and what he said to Clara about the clover? Sigh! 

As for the characters, I was pretty much Team Clara from the beginning. Maggie was too much of a by-the-book person, she didn't really do anything spectacular to be remembered; except for the beginning when she was looking for Dean. Now I will say one of the funniest parts of the story was the pepper spray incident. 

I liked the dual POV style of storytelling, and while seemed that Clara and Leo's story was more fun to read about, their story wrap up fell a bit flat. But the first time Maggie and Dean got it in was mmm-mmm good! I would definitely recommend this book.


I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

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