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REVIEW - Rock and Roll Girlfriend (Everglade #1)

Title: Rock and Roll Girlfriend
Author: Jessica Pine
Publisher: Anna Roberts
Release Date: 30 April 2014
Series or Standalone: Series
Genre: New Adult Romance
Rating: ♥♥♥♥

“You know I don’t date musicians – they’re all maniacs and divas. Especially rock musicians. They think women belong on the hoods of cars or halfway up poles...”

Women’s Studies minor Everglade knows that rock and roll is a man’s world, a macho guitar-wielding world where men are men and women are cherry pie. It’s a logical enough conclusion when your mother is paparazzi-friendly trainwreck Kiersten Rowe, a ‘professional rock and roll girlfriend’ who’s made up for her twenty year dearth of hits by hopping from one ageing rock star to another like an opportunistic frog in a celebrity lily pond.

It’s a lifestyle that her daughter has gone out of her way to avoid, but when her mother’s latest machinations are cut short by the sudden death of an old friend from school, Everglade finds herself back in L.A. and back in the life of her high school conquest Paul ‘Scoob’ Skubizewski.

Scoob has come a long way in the last five years. He’s no longer the nerd she knew in high school. He’s grown up, filled out and won’t stop calling.

The only trouble is that he’s the lead guitarist of The Dilletantes, and this little rock band’s star is rising rapidly. Everglade knows it’s only a matter of time before Scoob’s off on the road and into trouble, especially after the band acquire a replacement lead singer in the shape of Jules, an out-of-work British actor who has been hanging around Hollywood in the hope that he will eventually grow up to be Patrick Stewart.

Rude, lewd, and raunchy, Rock and Roll Girlfriend takes the rock and roll lifestyle and turns it up to eleven. This is not for the faint-hearted or the under eighteen!

‘Rock and Roll Girlfriend’ is the first part of a series of three novels about Everglade Scott, a popular character from Jessica Pine’s previous novel ‘Held’.

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My thoughts:
For me, this book had a somewhat slow start, but once I got past the first chapter the story really began to pick up steam and turned out to be a hilarious ride, complete with a crazy, narcissistic mother, a mythical bisexual man, a creepy stalker, and a guitarist for an up-and-coming band, nicknamed Scoob, a high school classmate who is back in Everglade's life.

There are quite a few laugh-out-loud moments in this story, along with plenty of quirk and lots of quick wit, but for the most part I kept feeling like I was missing part of the story, the way some characters were introduced, it almost felt like there was a story before this one that gives a lot more background info on them that what is mentioned in this book (edited to add: I just read that Everglade is a character from Ms. Pine's book Held). I also thought it a bit odd that with everything going on in Evie's life, we only see her best friend Amber on and off until chapter 8, after that there's only one other mention of her.

It wasn't that hard to figure out the suspenseful part, but the actual offender was an interesting twist to the story. Overall an enjoyable read, and I'm looking forward to reading the next Everglade story.


I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

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