Friday, May 16, 2014

ARC REVIEW - With This Heart by R.S. Grey

Title: With This Heart
Author: R.S. Grey
Publisher: Createspace
ISBN: 1497455642
Release Date: 25 March 2014
Series or Standalone: Standalone
Genre: Young Adult
Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

If someone had told me a year ago that I was about to fall in love, go on an epic road trip, ride a Triceratops, sing on a bar, and lose my virginity, I would have assumed they were on drugs. 

Well, that is, until I met Beckham. 

Beck was mostly to blame for my recklessness. Gorgeous, clever, undeniably charming Beck barreled into my life as if it were his mission to make sure I never took living for granted. He showed me that there were no boundaries, rules were for the spineless, and a kiss was supposed to happen when I least expected. 

Beck was the plot twist that took me by surprise. Two months before I met him, death was knocking at my door. I'd all but given up my last scrap of hope when suddenly, I was given a second chance at life. This time around, I wasn't going to let it slip through my fingers. 

We set out on a road trip with nothing to lose and no guarantees of tomorrow. 

Our road trip was about young, reckless love. 

The kind of love that burns bright. 

The kind of love that no road-map could bring me back from. 

**Recommended for ages 17+ due to language and sexual situations.**

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My thoughts:
R.S. Grey has managed to introduce us to another couple that will stay with you for some time after you've finished this book. I honestly didn't think this story would be as well written as Behind His Lens, but there is a distinct possibility that I love Abby and Beck even more than Charley and Jude (and that wasn't easy to do, Behind His Lens is still in my top 15 favorite books!)

Abby, despite her very sheltered life, is a wonderful combination of naive, sassy and quick-witted, but no filter, so she just says what she feels and thinks. I thought it was refreshing because through some of the more embarrassing moments in the story she was still able to roll with the punches and didn't let those moments stop her or cause her to doubt herself.

Beck, oh sweet sweet Beck! Thank the heavens he was NOT written as a bad boy, I think the literary world is overflowing with the bad boy stories at the moment; don't get me wrong, I'll still read a bad boy book, but it's awesome to read a romance that doesn't involve the current genre trend. From the moment you meet Beck, you know he'll work his magic on you the way he did with Abby Mae. He was awesome: sweet but not pushy, protective and considerate. That he was there for Abby when she really needed it was great; they hadn't known each other long, and dealing with the emotions Abby was going through could have been enough for Beck to move on from her. And the fact that he's hot is an added bonus. 

I knew at some point there would be sadness in the story, but I wasn't expecting it the second time and that really threw me. I understand why Abby did what she did, I thought it was very mature on her part, that's not something most 19-year olds would comprehend. Maybe she understood so much more since she had been ill most of her life. Regardless, the story wrapped nicely, and I'm hoping Sammy and James might get a story somewhere down the line.


ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

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