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BLOG TOUR REVIEW & GIVEAWAy - Redemption (Deliverance Series #1) by Viki Lyn and Vina Grey

Title: Redemption
Author/Authors: Viki Lyn & Vina Grey
Series: Deliverance Series (Book 1)
Genre: M/M Fantasy
Publisher: ViVi {Self Published}
Release Date: April 2015
Edition/Formats: Digital (Kindle Only)

Thou shall not kill.

Archangel Raziel had no choice. He would break the Infinite’s commandment again to save his lover, Uriel, from a demon’s talons. Yet even the Infinite’s most trusted archangel cannot avoid punishment. Forced to go through the Cleansing, Raziel loses his memories and is renamed Izar, a Protector sworn to kill for the angels.

Years later, Izar is summoned to work alongside Uriel to capture a killer. Izar is shocked when his bloodlust spikes hot for the archangel. But a relationship between Protectors and angels is forbidden. As they rush to find the killer, their passion plays into the demon’s plan. Izar will have to choose between life and death if he is to save Uriel again.

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His eyes widened, and he stepped back as the blond angel turned to him. Oh the Infinite almighty…his cock leaped, spreading a shockwave throughout his lower half.

Golden waves of hair and milky skin, a white robe draped seductively around a tall, slender body, eyes bluer than any sky Izar had ever witnessed. The sight of the archangel caused a loss of equilibrium.

The archangel’s perfect brows lifted slightly at Izar’s feeble attempt to appear in control. Oddly, the angel seemed familiar, but they had never spoken or been in the same room together. Izar would have remembered that face. He’d seen the prince of the Cherubim from a distance, but never this close, this personal, this…distracting.

The quicksilver lust on seeing this vision shocked him. He wasn’t attracted to forbidden fruit. He didn’t need the trouble. He was a practical man, especially when it came to where he put his dick. Protectors were forbidden to lay with angels, except for the Sanctuary’s healers.

Turning away from the seductive vision, he drew in a breath. He should have attended the Sanctuary for relief before coming here. His physical reaction to this archangel confirmed the danger of waiting too long to eradicate his sexual lust. He’d already pushed his limits, and if he didn’t get to the temple, he’d fall ill, or worse, lose control of his actions.

I loved how unique this book is! Yes, it's a M/M romance, but the characters are archangels, how awesome is that? It's not an overly long story (about 150 pages), but this story still manages to have all of the necessary information told to you without it seeming like it's an info dump. The world building is good in how it's described where and how the archangels live, the differences in living quarters for the Protectors and Guardians. I thought the Sanctuary was especially interesting, in how and why it's used. You wouldn't immediately think of that purpose for the angels and inhabitants, so that was a surprising, but somewhat secondary, plot device.

You can't help but feel the emotions of Uri and Razi, especially the first chapter of the book that is all about the Cleansing of Razi; the limited interaction between Uri and Razi was emotional, and even more so when you realize how much time has actually passed before they are brought together again. One of the best parts was when they were brought together again for the first time since the Cleansing and the obvious visceral reaction Izar has when he sees Uri. Just proves that the soul truly recognizes its mate, no matter how much time has passed. The mystery was another good plot device, and I figured out who was behind it, but the why was an interesting twist.

Authors’ Information

Viki Lyn  
An introvert and artist with a healthy dose of skepticism about life and love.

Vina Grey
An extrovert, an academic and a die-hard romantic

Viki Lyn & Vina Grey
It was so not a match made in heaven. But Viki and Vina discovered a mutual love of traveling around the world, the paranormal, good coffee, and a healthy admiration for their respective creativity. Sitting in a coffee shop one day, they started brainstorming about story plots and Vince and John and the car crash in the bakery. A story was born. Vina writes the sappy romance and Viki tempers it. Between them, they managed to find their boys a ‘happily ever after’.

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