Tuesday, May 19, 2015

NEW RELEASE REVIEW - The Unyielding Bachelor (Captured by Love #2) by Miranda P. Charles

Title: The Unyielding Bachelor
Author: Miranda P. Charles
Series: Captured by Love, Book 2
Genre: Romance
Release Date: 19 May 2015

He has to stay away from her.

Thirty-year-old entrepreneur Rick Donnelly is under contract to remain unattached until his fifteen-year-old half-sister turns twenty-one. If he breaks the rules, not only will he have to hand over the management of his half-sister's substantial inheritance to his reckless stepmother, but he'll also have to transfer twenty percent ownership of his company to the untrustworthy woman. When the tempting Lexie Mead decides to knock down his heart's defenses, he finds himself in danger of breaking the contract's strict conditionssomething he simply cannot afford to do.

She intends to win his heart.

Twenty-six-year-old Lexie Mead has long had feelings for the hunky Rick Donnelly. Tired of being treated as just another one of his friends, she sets out to win his heart from prettier and more aggressive women admirers. But Rick has complications to deal with... and enemies who will do anything to see him fail. She doesn't want him to lose the things he's worked hard to keep. But how can they have a future together when she is forced to walk away and Rick can't ask her to stay? 


The Unyielding Bachelor can be read as a stand-alone novel or as Book 2 of the Captured by Love series. The author recommends reading the books in order to fully enjoy the series. 

Book 1: The Unwilling Executive (Lucas Renner and Jade Tully)
Book 2: The Unyielding Bachelor (Rick Donnelly and Lexie Mead)

These books are for adults only. They contain hot sex scenes.

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I was asked by Ms. Charles if I would read and review this newest installment in the Captured by Love series and I immediately said yes! I read The Unwilling Executive a few months ago and just from the limited time Rick was in that story, I knew when it came time for his book, it was going to be a great read and I was not disappointed.

What I liked most about this story is that it's not an "insta-love" book; Rick and Lexie already know each other. Lexie is under the impression that Rick doesn't really "see" her and she's doing what she can to get his attention. Only problem is that Rick already sees her, but because of a particular contract, he can't follow his heart because of the what would happen if he negates said contract. Unfortunately, Lexie is tired of waiting around and has started the moving on process, forcing Rick to show his hand.

"But what about the contract" you ask? Well, I could say the hell with contract, it's all about love!

Or I could say that Rick will honor the contract, feelings be damned.

Or I could say you'll have to read the book to find out. But if you've had the pleasure of reading any of Ms. Charles' previous stories, you will already realize that there's always a HEA involved, but Ms. Charles will take the characters (and you by proxy), through a bit of angst before you reach the end of the story, but trust me, it's well worth it!

ARC provided in exchange for honest review.

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