Friday, December 18, 2015

REVIEW - The Corset Maker, Volume I by K.T. Frederick

Title: The Corset Maker
Author: K.T. Frederick
Release Date: 17 November 2015
Series or Standalone: Series
Genre: New Adult Contemporary Romance

Most girls love wearing elaborate costumes and sultry corsets, but twenty-one-year-old Amelia Jacobs prefers cinching waists and creating perfect hourglass figures for her models and actresses. Jobs for costume designers in New York City are few and far between, so Amelia waits tables to pay her bills. 

Everyone wants the elusive Julien Wolfe to direct their film, but he refuses to speak to anyone about his troubled past in Hollywood royalty. Wolfe’s next blockbuster is Amelia’s dream commission: a bodice-ripping time-travel film. But a lot of designers are vying for the job, and they’d be only too happy to see Amelia come apart at the seams. 

Three days before her pitch, a perilous mistake forces Amelia to take desperate (and indecent) measures to land the deal and avoid eviction. And that’s just one of her problems. 

Just when things can’t possibly get worse, Amelia does the worst thing of all and falls for the emotionally unreachable director.

Although it's not a very long story, The Corset Maker is one that still manages to reel you in, with the right blend of mystery, blackmail and lust. I've been informed by the author that this is an open-ended series, but once you read part 1 you realize how many angles this book can take, the hardest part is waiting for the release of each new installment.

I respect Amelia's drive to succeed and build her business on her own talent and merit, and not because of who her mother is. Julien is the enigmatic director who has long been on Amelia's radar as nothing more than a crush. But that has the potential to change with the new indie movie Julien will be directing. 

A lost laptop, an attack at a red carpet event, a last minute photo shoot, sexy times at an after party, and the threat of blackmail are all converging to quickly turn Amelia's world upside down. After that ending, I'm eagerly waiting for the next part to be released.

Book provided in exchange for honest review.

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