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BLOG TOUR REVIEW - Perfect Sense (Perfect Series #1) by Amanda Cowen

Perfect Sense by Amanda Cowen 
(Perfect Series, #1) 
Publication date: March 22nd 2016
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult


He’s gorgeous.
He’s reckless.

And he’s every woman’s dirty fantasy in the state of California.., except one… Quinn Ashby.
Recent graduate of Penn and top of her class, Quinn is whip smart, ambitious and interning as the new marketing coordinator for the Bexley Bruisers American Hockey League team. The last thing she needs is to waste her time on guys…especially one as lethal to her focus as Cash Brooks.
But once the bad boy hockey star tempts her into his world, threatening her professional future, she’s forced to decide whether to let him into her heart…or to leave him behind forever.

I'm putting this out there now: I know almost nothing about hockey. So while this is a book about a hockey player and his potential love interest, I'm happy to say this story doesn't get bogged down in the minutiae of the inner workings of the game and instead focuses on the hot mess that is Cash Brooks, hockey heartthrob and bad boy, both on and off the ice, and Quinn Ashby, daughter of retired Hall of Fame hockey player Hilton Ashby.

I will admit that throughout a good portion of the book, I had mixed feelings about Cash; he could be sweet when he wanted to (the gourmet cupcakes for instance), and the whole press conference where he was ready to take the blame for everything, but he was also over the top with his arrogance at times. But once you read further into the story, you get a sense of why he's that way. Does that excuse his behavior? No, but he's also still in his early 20s, so there's always hope that he won't continue to behave like a douchenugget. 

Quinn is obviously a very intelligent young woman, graduating top of her class from Penn, but she seemed to strike me as a "yes" person, in that she would initially say no to something she didn't want to do, but eventually she gave in. Well, there was the one time at the VIP party where she refused to fall for Cash's charms to the point of leaving the party, so good for her for sticking to her guns (at least that one time). One thing that got on my nerves is her father and the difference in the way he treated Quinn and her younger sister Lyndsey, it was almost like he transferred his angry feelings about Quinn's and Lyndsey's mom onto Quinn to the point that he didn't trust anything about Quinn, yet it seemed like she was doing everything he wanted in order to please him.

Now, I'm going to put this second part out there: this book ends in a cliffhanger. And I mean a big, huge, ginormous, epic proportional-type cliffhanger. Not only that, the second part isn't scheduled to be released until 2017.

Yeah, you read that right: 20-freakin'17.

Talk about cruel and unusual punishment to make us wait that long for the next part. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go drown my sorrows in a nice big vat of Ben & Jerry's Brownie Core ice cream, since we've got to wait eleventy-two years for the next part.

ARC provided in exchange for honest review.



Amanda Cowen can be found eating cupcakes, singing off-key, or watching a good RomCom when she isn’t trapped on her computer writing stories and delighting her imagination. She has been writing since the ripe age of twelve about ponies and princesses in brightly colored duo-tangs with metallic pens. Thankfully, she now has a Mac with a keyboard where she can write about love, sex and relationships. She is an “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” fanatic, a hater of roller-coasters and a country music junkie. She lives in Thunder Bay, ON where the summers are short and the winters are long.

Her next Contemporary Romance/New Adult Fiction novel TAINTED (The Wyatt Series #1) will be available in Summer 2014.

Amanda would love to hear from her readers. Contact her via her website,, become a fan on Facebook, follow her on Goodreads, or visit her blog.

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  1. Haha omg I could go for some ice cream too and I haven't even read it yet! .> Great review, Nicole! This sounds like a great read!

    1. Lol, there was no way I was prepared for that ending, so just be ready for the unexpected when you read it :)