Wednesday, April 22, 2020

BOOK TOUR & REVIEW - FarmBoy by Kayt Miller

Title: FarmBoy: An Opposites Attract Romance
Author: Kayt Miller
Genre: NA Romance
Release Date: April 18, 2020 blog - “This is an author whose name I have come across many times but haven't read. I'm so glad I read her. I will be looking back at her catalog for more.”
World of Books 65 - “This is my first book by Kayt Miller but it won't be my last. There was just something about Farmboy that grip me from the start.”
E&A Book - “This is the first book I have read by this author and I was blown away. A slow burn romance that gives you all the feels, with characters that you can't help but love. I enjoyed it from beginning to end.”

Isabelle "Izzy" Harmon is home again. Literally. After landing her first teaching gig, Izzy has found herself sleeping in her old room on an ancient twin bed that squeaks whenever she moves. Sure, she loves Honeywell, Iowa but part of her wanted to move to civilization rather than return to her old life after graduating from college. Farm life is in her blood but so is the man who lives next door. It’s too bad he never saw her as more than his best friend’s little sister. 

It’s true what they say… distance makes the heart grow fonder and four years away did nothing to quell the way Izzy’s heart rate doubles whenever he's nearby. She hoped to get over it, but things don't always work out the way we hope. 

Nashville "Nash" Watson never left. His goal of playing baseball in the majors flew out the window the second he found out he was going to be a father. No regrets, though, because Nash figured he'd return to Honeywell, Iowa to farm his family's land. It was the only thing he knew for sure. Well, that and he's never falling for another woman again. Ever. 

Never say never, Nash.

Due to sexual content and adult themes, this book is suitable for readers 18+.

This is the second book by Kayt Miller I've read, and I enjoyed this one just as much as I did the first one; this covers a few different tropes in the romance genre: sibling's best friend/single dad/small town/virgin romance. That might seem like a lot, but it all works in an entertaining way.

Isabelle has always had a crush on Nash, but was seemingly content to stay in the shadows as nothing more than his best friend's little sister; Izzy's the type to see the good in people, but isn't so naive when it comes to the behavior of others. I liked how Izzy stood her ground when it came to Nash and his less than welcoming attitude at the start of the book; that is one surly, angrivated man.

Nash has had a less than ideal few years, having to give up his plan to go to college when his high school girlfriend ended up pregnant, then she bailed and left him and their daughter to chase her Hollywood dream, then the untimely passing of his dad, leaving him in charge of the farm as well as single dad to daughter Andi

I grew up in the midwest with a loving family including three brothers, one sister, and my parents who always fostered my creative side. I earned my bachelor's degree at Iowa State University, then I was off to the Savannah College of Art and Design for graduate school. After that, I returned to Iowa for work which led me, once again, to ISU for my master's degree in education.
I love to read and one day I was searching for a book. A book about a certain type of woman and a specific kind of man and I couldn't find it so, I wrote it. I called it Game Changer and it couldn't have been a more appropriate title. It changed my life in many ways. While my real job is teaching young people, my fun job is conjuring up characters and situations to write about. 
My goal, as a writer, is to write stories that relate to all of us, to make readers laugh and maybe cry sometimes. I hope my readers can escape into a fantasy, one that's actually possible. Sure, some of the stories could be dubbed "Insta-love" stories but that's okay. I fell in love with my husband pretty damn fast and with my daughter the second I saw her. So, it's a thing, I swear.
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